BOC Agent

​We are now pleased to announce that we are an agent for BOC Gases.  You must already hold a BOC account.  We will also now be stocking consumable BOC products : Hoses, welding wire, regulators, flow meters, goggles, etc

We will also be stocking cutting and grinding discs, coated sandpaper sheets, PPE equipment

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We stock & supply a huge array of fasteners, machine screws, bolts, nuts, washers & studding

Self Colour, Zinc Plated, Stainless Steel

Socket Countersunk, Counter Sunk, Hexagon Head, Button Head

Full Nuts, Washers (Form A & B), Spring Washers

Studding - standard length & long length available


Taps, Dies & Reamers

We stock Metric and Imperial Taps and Dies, hand and machine taps, straight & tapered reamers

Also, we do stock various imperial sizes of Whitworth, UNC/UNF, BSF & BA for restoration projects



We offer a wide range of drilling options : HSS, HSSC, Solid Carbide, Powder Metrology, TIN Coated, TicLN Coated, Indexable drills

Drill diameters : .3mm to 270mm, Drills in .1mm increments, Indexable insert drills, Gun drills, Aluminium drills, Through coolant drills


Suppliers include : OSG, Guhring, Clarkson, Europa, Merlin, Kennametal, TaeguTec, Stellram


Solid Carbide Milling Cutters

We stock and supply performance cutters for all machining applications and materials, we have the right cutter for all your needs. We are a supplier of major brands : OSG, Merlin, Clarkson, Europa, Guhring and more.........



Supplying many brands of quality Metrology equipment

Suppliers include : Mitutoyo, SPI, Draper, Moore & Wright, Linear Tools


Indexable Turning & Parting Inserts & Toolholders

Indexable inserts in various geometries and grades for all materials : Stainless Steel, Inconel, Steel, Duplex, Hard Materials, Aluminium.  Suppliers include : Walter, Kennametal, Stellram, TaeguTec, NTK, Omega, Europa


Indexable Milling Inserts & Toolholders

Indexable inserts for Milling in various geometries and grades for all materials : Stainless Steel, Inconel, Steel, Duplex, Hard Materials, Aluminium

Suppliers include : Kennametal, Mitsubishi, Stellram, Sumitomo, TaeguTec, NTK


Silver Steel & Gauge Plate / Ground Flat Stock)

We stock and supply metric & imperial sizes of Silver Steel & Gauge Plate / Ground Flat Stock

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Abrasive Products

We can supply all your Abrasive Products from sheets, discs, belts, also non-woven, unitised, convolute products, and all grinding and cutting discs

We distribute for all the major Abrasive manufacturers including Ersta, SIA, Hermes, 3M, Sait, Klingspor, Norton

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Grinding Wheels & Alterations

We stock and supply grinding wheels ranging from internal wheel size up to 1000mm in diameter

We also have our own machine shop where we can modify your existing wheels, by reducing diameters, adding recess/es, openng bores, adding profiles & can also speed test wheels up to 500mm diameter

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& everything else

We stock and supply many, many other items too numerous for their own categories, these include

Janitorial supplies, oils, coolant oils, gloves, masks, bandsaw blades, hacksaw blade, engineers & swiss files